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Certificate in
Physiological Measurement

The Certificate in Physiological Measurement (CPM) is a one-year course available to those employed as a Trainee Cardiac Physiology Technician or Trainee Cardiac Physiologist. To gain this qualification, a trainee must complete the course and have one year of full time employment.


Academic Programme

Seven e-Learning modules consisting of notes, videos, and short quizzes;

  • Working in the Hospital

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology

  • Cardiovascular Abnormalities & Disease

  • Electrocardiography

  • Ambulatory Monitoring

  • ECG Interpretation

  • Exercise Tolerance Testing (ETT)

Practical Work

Within electrocardiography, ambulatory monitoring, and exercise tolerance testing, students are required to complete a logbook, trainer checklist, and competency assessment before practicing independently.

Case Studies

Students are required to complete two case studies as they progress through the practical work - one focused on abnormalities & disease, one from a positive ETT.


The final exam is split into three sections;

  • Multi-choice

  • Case Studies

  • ECG Interpretation

Forms & Documents


Please use the following form to apply. Please note, if you are a trainee Cardiac Physiology Technician, this will also include your SCT membership.

Exam Re-sit

Please complete the following form if you need to re-sit the exam;

Return to Work

The return to work policy is detailed in the following document;

Refund Policy

The refund policy is detailed in the following document;

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