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Certificate in
Physiological Measurement

The Certificate in Physiological Measurement (CPM) is a one-year course available to those employed as a Trainee Cardiac Physiology Technician or Trainee Cardiac Physiologist. To gain this qualification, a trainee must complete the course and have one year of full time employment.


Academic Programme

Seven e-Learning modules consisting of notes, videos, and short quizzes;

  • Working in the Hospital

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology

  • Cardiovascular Abnormalities & Disease

  • Electrocardiography

  • Ambulatory Monitoring

  • ECG Interpretation

  • Exercise Tolerance Testing (ETT)

Practical Work

Within electrocardiography, ambulatory monitoring, and exercise tolerance testing, students are required to complete a logbook, trainer checklist, and competency assessment before practicing independently.

Case Studies

Students are required to complete two case studies as they progress through the practical work - one focused on abnormalities & disease, one from a positive ETT.


The final exam is split into three sections;

  • Multi-choice

  • Case Studies

  • ECG Interpretation

Forms & Documents


Please use the following form to apply. Please note, if you are a trainee Cardiac Physiology Technician, this will also include your SCT membership.

Exam Only

Please use the following form to apply for the exam (i.e. returning to work or applying from overseas);

Exam Re-sit

Please complete the following form if you need to re-sit the exam;

Return to Work

The return to work policy is detailed in the following document;

Refund Policy

The refund policy is detailed in the following document;

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