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Spirometry Course

This course is intended to assist health professionals in gaining the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to perform spirometry testing. The course refers to the current ATS, ERS guidelines as the recognised standards of practice.


The course may be commenced at any time and once started the learning material will be available to the learner for a period of 12 months.

The practical aspect of the course requires the learner to complete a logbook of 10 spirometry tests on patients plus 3 months of weekly testing for biological controls. Completion of a trainer checklist and competency assessment are also required.

The theoretical component requires review of reading material, watching a video, passing a series of online tests and completion of 2 case studies.

Acceptance into the course requires relevant employment where the learner can perform spirometry testing under direct supervision during the training period. A minimum of 4 spirometry tests per month must be performed in the learner’s place of work.

The learner’s supervisor must:

  • be a registered respiratory physiologist with a current APC or

  • have completed a relevant spirometry training course within 2 years and routinely perform spirometry testing as part of their role.

An invoice will be sent on acceptance to the course and access will be provided once payment has been received.

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