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The Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology (NZ) Incorporated remains the professional society for Cardiopulmonary Technicians and Physiologists throughout New Zealand. The aims of the Society are to improve the training, education and the professional status of persons engaged in the science and practice of cardiopulmonary technology. It has been successful in achieving those aims for 50 years.


The founder of the Society of Cardiological Technicians (New Zealand) Incorporated was Louise Conway Beech. She had been working in Britain and was a Member (MSCT) of the British Society. After returning to New Zealand, she was keen to establish a Society here and initiated the process. Following responses to information circulated to Cardiological Technicians throughout New Zealand, a meeting was held in Auckland on 3 August 1967 to discuss the establishment of a New Zealand Branch of the Society of Cardiological Technicians, hereafter referred to as the “Society” or “SCT”. Ten are recorded as attending the inaugural meeting. Others attended, but only the number required to establish an Incorporated Society were recorded on the original minutes. It was at this meeting that the English Society Constitution was amended to suit New Zealand. The Society was incorporated on 28 November 1967.


Written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology. The "Fifty years of Progress" describes how the profession has developed in New Zealand from 1967 until 2017.  

A digital copy of the book can be downloaded here


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  • Chairperson:

    • Fiona Riddell

  • Treasurer:

    • Karen Searby

  • Secretary:

    • Fiona Riddell

  • Council members:

    • Liane Dawson, Lani Gallagher, Bridget McIlraith

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