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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my SCT membership certificate?

Existing SCT members will be sent an email with an invoice for the annual subscription fee on the 1st April each year. Once this is paid a receipt and your membership certificate will be sent to you, typically within 1 week. It is recommended that you pay your SCT subs as soon as possible after the invoice is sent to allow time to receive your certificate which is required for your APC

What do I do if I have not received an email with an invoice for membership renewal on the 1st April?

Check your junk folder, and if there is nothing there, email to request an invoice

When do I need to complete a SCT membership renewal form?

If you are a qualified cardiac/physiology technician or cardiac physiologist who has not been working for more than two years and you have let your membership lapse you should complete the renewal form. Do not use this form if you did not receive an invoice for your membership subscription.

What do I need to do if I am going on maternity leave?

Before you go on maternity leave, email to advise SCT that you would like to put your membership on hold. You will not be sent a membership invoice on the 1st April. When you are returning to work you should email SCT again to let us know and an invoice will be sent to you

Do I contact SCT regarding my registration and APC?

No, registration and APCs are managed by the Clinical Physiologists Registration Board (CPRB). To apply for registration or an APC go to SCT membership is one of the requirements for obtaining an APC

What is under the login section of the website?

- SCT documents: constitution, guide to recruitment, supervisors guide, CSANZ fellowship funding policy

- Guideline Documents: Perioperative CIED Management

- Newsletters: PiCSA

How do I access the login section of the website?

At the top right of the home page on the SCT website, select “Log In”. If you do not have access yet select “Sign up”. Enter your email and password and your request will then be sent for approval. Current financial members of SCT will be approved and then you will be able to access this membership only section of the website. If your approval is delayed, please email:

What is the process for applying from overseas to work as a Cardiac Physiology Technician or Cardiac Physiologist in NZ?

You will need to complete the “SCT Membership Application” form. Your application will be discussed at the monthly SCT Council meeting and you will be advised of the outcome. If your application is straightforward, you will be sent an acceptance letter and an invoice. Once this is paid you will receive your SCT membership certificate. International applicants may be required to sit and pass an online exam prior to being awarded SCT membership. Once you have received your SCT membership certificate, you can apply to the Clinical Physiologists Registration Board (CPRB) for registration. Registration with the CPRB s is a requirement for working as a cardiac/physiology technician and cardiac physiologist in NZ

If you have questions that are not answered here, please email:


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